FL Kids Vacation Bible School

June 11 – June 15, from 6:00-9:00 every evening.


This year we are using two registration systems. One for volunteers and one for children who are attending VBS (either actual attendees or nursery/toddler children of adult volunteers). Please make sure that you register accordingly! If you are a volunteer, please register using our “Volunteer Registration” page. If you are registering your child as an attendee of VBS, or you are a volunteer who needs to register your nursery or toddler child for childcare during VBS, please use the “Child Registration” page. If you are a volunteer who is also registering a child for VBS or the nursery, you will need to complete two registrations. One for you and one for your child/children. All volunteers 18 years of age and older must pass a background check in order to participate in VBS. The link to our background check website can be found at the bottom of this page. If you are a volunteer, please follow the link and instructions  at the bottom of this page to complete the background check. Follow the appropriate link below to register:

Click here for Child Registration

*** ATTENTION PARENTS! Each family is issued a “family security number.” If you have a registration packet from Family Life, the “family security number” is on the front of your packet. If you do not have a registration packet, go ahead and register your child or children, and leave the “family security number” question blank. Then simply pick up a registration packet from Family Life Church and our staff will input your number at that time. ***

Click here for Volunteer Registration

*** ATTENTION VOLUNTEERS (ages 18+)! You must have a new background check run for this year’s VBS. VBS registration is a TWO STEP PROCESS. Click the “Volunteer Registration” link above, and submit your registration. You will also have to run a background check on yourself (a separate process), by following the “Family Life Background Check” link.  Volunteers (ages 18+), please FOLLOW THIS LINK in order to run a background check on yourself (background check results are only viewable by Family Life staff and are kept confidential): FAMILY LIFE BACKGROUND CHECK ***