Third Mill

Free Biblical Education

(Third Millennium Ministries, Inc.) is a non-profit Evangelical Christian ministry in the Protestant tradition. We are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) corporation. We depend on the generous, tax-deductible contributions of churches, foundations, businesses, and individuals.

Our mission is to prepare Christian leaders to lead a transformation of the world into God's Kingdom by providing biblical education, for the world, for free.

We work toward this goal by providing free Christian education to hundreds of thousands of pastors and church leaders around the world that lack sufficient training for ministry. Our curriculum is designed to be used in support of existing schools, as well as by groups and individuals. It consists of three central elements: graphic-driven videos, printed instruction, and internet resources. We distribute our curriculum through online streams and downloads; satellite, cable and terrestrial broadcast TV; radio; smartphone apps; USB flash drives; SD cards; and DVD (special order).
What kind of ministry is Thirdmill?
We are a non-profit corporation [501(c)(3)] that produces, publishes and distributes a multimedia seminary curriculum in multiple languages.

What is the mission of Thirdmill?
Our mission is to spread the Kingdom of God by providing a multimedia seminary curriculum to Christian leaders in their own lands and languages at no cost to them.

Why is the mission of Thirdmill so important?
Today there are at least two million pastors outside of North America who do not have access to sound theological education. Equipping indigenous Christian leaders is crucial to the strength and growth of the Kingdom of God.

Why hasn't this need been met sooner?
In the past, indigenous church leaders have been sent to study in western seminaries, but the vast majority of them have not returned to their homelands. Missionaries typically do not have the time to meet this great need. Establishing traditional seminaries in other nations has been limited by lack of funding, as well as by government restrictions.

Why hasn't anyone else tried Thirdmill's solution?
Theological educators have been aware of the effectiveness of multimedia education for a long time, but they have been hindered by the costs of multimedia production.

Is Thirdmill evangelistic?
Yes. Thirdmill is fully committed to spreading the gospel of Christ to every person on earth. We believe that one vital dimension of this goal is equipping church leaders throughout the world with the ability to guide the church toward this end. Our statement of faith is uncompromisingly evangelical.